Saturday, April 6, 2013

The After Girls: Book Review

Amazon Description:
Ella, Astrid, and Sydney were planning the perfect summer after high school graduation. But when Astrid commits suicide in a lonely cabin, the other girls' worlds are shattered. How could their best friend have done this--to herself and to them? They knew everything about Astrid. Shouldn't they have seen this coming? Couldn't they have saved her?
As Ella hunts for the truth, and Sydney tries to dull the pain, a chilling message from Astrid leaves them wondering whether their beloved friend is communicating from the after life. The girls embark on a journey to uncover Astrid's dark secrets. The answers to those questions--questions they never dreamed of asking--will change their lives forever.

My Review:
This book was everything and nothing I excepted. It had me crying one minute, and angry the next. I always say you can tell an amazing author if you can feel the emotions dripping from the pages. I can describe this book in two words:  Profound Loss. This is usually the type of book I walk away from...never to return.. but I set out to read new things...and write about them.
The subject of this book hit me on a personal level. The secrets and the lies to save face. The angry and bitter words that we say to the people we love most...because we can't say them to ourselves. I struggled with the overwhelming guilt the two friends were left with after their friend took her life. They wondered what the could have done to help her. The struggled with memories of things they should have noticed. The problem with suicide is that, the person is so overwhelmed with life. They forget the people they leave to pick up the pieces. So this book is overwhelmingly sad, beautifully written, and something I'm so glad I've read.
Notice this was an Arc sent to me by way of Net Galley I was not paid for this review...but I did get to read a pretty awesome book:)


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