Thursday, April 18, 2013

OMG how amazing is this. Divergent three title reveal!!! And V for Veronica Roth

Jenny Matlock
So as I've mentioned before...or maybe not I'll have to look. Reading books and running away inside the pages, have always brought me joy. It's almost a sense that you aren't alone in this world, like somebody wrote down those words only for you. But this Thursday, I am joyful because.....

So I'm giddy Like a school girl right now. No, its not because some cute boy just looked at me in class. It's totally because the name of the third and final book of the divergent series finally has a name. I mean its what we have all been waiting for. Well almost still waiting for the damn darn cover. But it finally seems real now. It finally seems like the book is not that far off. 

So now I've finally gotten over my silly Mexican hat dance of excitement over this title. What do you think?

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I sometimes do a dance for joy too....enjoyed your post...

Pride In Photos

Now you have me excited over this triology and I haven't even started are very good my friend.


I constantly find joy in reading. . . through learning; through pausing over rich, complex, weighty sentences; through exercising my imagination; for identifying with another person's experiences and triumphs. (Did you know that Claire Dederer, author of the memoir Poser, had a job reviewing books prior to publishing her memoir?)

Esther Joy

Congratulations! What a great accomplishment!


So Lucky You a fun and happy post!!

Kara Claflin

Very exciting! I love when a book I've been looking forward to finally comes a bit closer to being released.


Great *V* post – really enjoyed reading this!

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Debra @ Homespun

As soon as you said this I started laughing : you said " running away inside the pages" !! Well there is a childrens book that my little 3 yr old grandson loves and it is about a little mouse running through the holes in the pages of the book! :) It is "Count Ten with a Mouse" by Margaret Wise Brown, author of "Goodnight Moon" The mouse runs through the book and runs through the book...SO should you ever want a children's book this is made for you! :)

Bethany Mitchell

Thanks Guys, It's been awhile since I've been this excited for a book. Besides the new Anita Blake I am pining for the end of the Divergent Trilogy. Until I read it and then I will be so upset its over=)


omggg, can't waittt! I'm actually never a fan of dystopians... but I liked this series :3 (always exceptions I guess!)

thank you for the follow! following back :D can't wait to hear about more books!

Bethany Mitchell

LOL, Debra I being the mother of a fourth grader have actually read that book. Forgot about it until now. I think I might need to own it.

Heather{Our Life In a Click}

It is always exciting to find out the title of a much awaited book!!


I've never heard of this series, but you've gotten me all excited so I'm going to go check it out! :-)


Your excitement is contagious...loved your post...making me smile♫ Thanks for visiting my blog♪ Happy week-end♥


I always Value the time I get to curl up in a good book...

I love this title...

Very good post for the letter V...

Thanks for linking.


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