Tuesday, April 16, 2013

For the love of Paisley and Timberlake.

So I really do hope you love my ramblings of my favorite two cds at the moment. But check out what everyone has been up to at Kathe with an E.
So like my taste in books I have an eclectic taste in Music. You see when I was growing up their were three types of Music I could listen too Christian, Country, and Oldies. I grew up in a sheltered house hold and when I was younger that was fine. Because of this I have an Un-natural love of the Beach Boys, Beatles, Abba and many more I can't seem to remember at this moment. When my third grade teacher bribed us to learn our times tables I asked for an Amy Grant tape...I loved that tape. I couldn't tell you who Tu-pac was until I was in the 7th grade and by then he had already passed away. It wasn't until Hanson that I learned the amazingness of top 40 music. I adored Hanson, I once almost got my mom to drive 5 freakin hours to go see Hanson on Oprah... obviously you see the almost...she didn't but I had her seriously considering it. It was around this time where I found Kiss Fm on the radio. I had to listen to it quietly in the room, which was torture for a teenager, but I did it. When I was 15 I met my best friend, and he introduced me to rap and r&b. How I fell in love with Joe, and Guinuwine, Ja-Rule, and Ludacris. When I was 18 I found Rock, well more like punk rock and alternative Rock. I still to this day will buy every album that Nickelback puts out. So you see Music was another way for me to leave the world I didn't feel I belonged. I grew up in this overbearing, strict, cruel Christian world where if you didn't believe the exact same way as everyone else you were going to Hell. Now I've moved passed that and work on a Relationship with my Mother every day. But books, and movies and music...were a way for me too take a silent stand without taking a stand. I read, and watched, and listened to things my Mom would never agree with. And I loved it.

Now on to my first music review.. It's actually two reviews in one. The last two cds I've bought. Yes, I'm stuck in the stone age and still by cds, sue me. My car doesn't have a handy dandy plug to plug my android in it only a cd player, so I buy cds.

The first one goes back to one of my first Loves in Music Country. This CD has actually had a lot of controversy because of one of the songs on it. Growing up in a suburb of Dallas/Fort Worth I don't really get it. I mean I know I'm from the South, and I know what happened 150 years ago, but really people its just a song with a good message in the lyrics, a story with a good moral to it. Isn't that what country music is all about.
Yes I realize this isn't from his new cd, but it descibes what I was talking about above.

This has to be one of my favorite country albums right now. It is everything I remember about Brad Paisley and more. One of the many reasons I love Brad Paisley so much is that he writes about just about anything. Now #2 and #3 of the album have already got tons of radio play so you will recognize them. From the down home feel of Southern Comfort Zone, to the memories that you get trapped in when listening to Beat this summer you will be so happy Brad has new music. Now the next song on the cd isn't my favorite but it will most definitely be one of the singles released on to radio. Firstly because it has Walker Hayes and Deirks Bently on it, and Secondly because it is a country party song if I ever heard one. Of all the songs on this cd the two that are my favorite are ones most people won't like. #8 on this cd is called Karate, and it makes me smile every time I hear it. It's about a girl who is being abused by her boyfriend/husband/db of a man and has finally had a enough and is taking Karate so she can one day soon have a belt to match her eye. It is so Brad Paisley through and through. It's quirky and so real, and it makes me want to sing along. Now my second favorite song on this cd is #16 Those Crazy Christians. This song moves me because I was raised Christian, and while my beliefs have changed from what my parents and family thinks, to what I believe. I am Christian. And this song moves me because my friend base is mostly pagan, very few Christians and I wonder if they look at me the way this song portrays. I hope they do because I think every word is truly what a Christian is, from forgiveness to that casserole you bring to someone's house when they are mourning. So I give this cd an amazing review. Because in reality brad is a story writer with a good voice. Everybody may not like what his stories say, but they listen because its hard not to. 

Now onto my dirty secret. Ladies and Gentlemen you should sit down. I have to be honest with you, it may shock you, but if you are going to get to know me you have to know this side too. I am a teeny bopper in a almost thirty year old's body. I know what your thinking, really, is it really that bad. It is ask anyone. I have all the cds of Backstreet boys, Nsync, 98 degrees, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears. I've even grown to love the Jonas Brothers and Justin Beiber. Don't look at me like that!!! I'm not crazy, I just Love what I Love. So that is why I bring you a review of....
That's right, you aren't seeing things. I love Justin Timberlake. He's #1 on my top ten list. You know the list. The elevator list. I would totally jump him, if I met him on an elevator, no lie...true story... But to tell you the truth I was a little disappointed when I first heard "suit and tie" I did not like all. But like "sexy back" it grew on me. I now love it. One of my favorite songs on the cd actually. But my most favorite song on this cd is "Pusher Love Girl"

This song is amazing. Even if mentions every drug I've ever done and then some. (Yes I was a bad girl once...leave me alone) It and Mirrors are the reason I still love Justin after all these years. He has this sound to his voice. He is my Frank Sinatra. He is so pretty and his voice OMG, all he would have to is sing to me and I would be gone. He always comes out with something different and amazing. And this is a reason after all these years he is at the top of the fuckin freakin' charts. Love him, love his music, I even love most of the movies he's been in. Okay maybe you should ignore my review of this cd. I think it might be biased.=)


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