Thursday, May 2, 2013

May ARC Challenge

So I have totally been off my game=)
And seeing I have challenged my self with this handy dandy ARC Challenge... I am going to push myself with this one

So my Goal this month is to read all the Arc's I have waiting on my kindle which is alot books... some of which I am doing book tours for in the coming months... and I have been totally reading and reviewing books that I was not given to review... shame on me=)

So these are the books I plan on Reading this month:

Aberrant  (Review Scheduled for June 2nd)
Gameboard Of The Gods
A Shimmer of Angels
Pretty Dark Nothing
A Moment
Escape From Eden
Savin' Me
One Night Of Misbehavior
Claiming Lauren
Head Over Heels
Chaotic  (Review Scheduled For May 26th)

As I finish reading them I will cross them out and change my link from the Good Reads Synopsis to my Review. Happy May Reading Everyone=)
And of course any and all ARCs I find and read will be added to the list as well=)


Trish Hannon

Good luck sweeping up your ARC's. A great way to make a big dent into our backlogs :-)

BookishTrish @ Between the Lines


Awesome list and happy sweeping!!

Midnight Fantasies

No worries, I know how life gets in the way of our fun lol. I'm also a mom, I have 2 and I wish I had more time to read and blog but I just don't. I have a few of those from netgalley, I gotta get to it as well.

Ruth Silver

I'm so thrilled to see you've added Aberrant to your reading list! I hope you really enjoy it :)


Great list! Happy Reading!!
And thanks for joining the challenge!

Christy @ Love of Books

You have a big list! Hopefully they all turn pout to be good. I have to get through my six since most are ARCs for this month.


that's quite a list. good luck with it.

Angelica Joy

OMG Bethany, your doing so well, you only have one more book to go…congrats! Wish I was doing as well. Looking forward to seeing you at the Aberrant tour, I've started reading it because I needed to do a character interview but I had to start reading other books for tours, but I can't wait to get back to it, cos I'm loving what I've read so far.

My Clean Sweep post.

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