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Feature and Follow Friday #4 (For Me At least)=)

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 Happy Mother's Day! Who is your favorite mom from fiction?

Okay I totally have to agree with Alison...this is a hard one. But after much thought and pulling up a list of fictional mom's on Google...because I couldn't place a mother in fiction that I really liked... I came up with two of them. 

The First one is Marmee from Little Women. What a strong woman and role model she was to her four equally strong-willed women. I loved how she loved her girls with a passion and even though they didn't have a whole lot she kept her girls happy and laughing even through the tears.

My second Fictional Mom that I loved because she was pushy, and manipulative...and so many more ugly words...but in the end she was her daughter's strongest protector. That Momma is Charlotte Phelan mother to Skeeter in the Help. I loved to hate this woman for most of the book... but when she told off Hilly I was cheering her on=)

Who are your favorite Fictional Mommas? 


Carson Cinicola

Thanks for stopping by! I didn't read The Help, I only saw the movie, but I did like her mom in that movie.
Carson @ Reader with Voice

Shane Morgan

Good picks, especially the first. Can't believe i forgot about her.



I actually haven't read/seen either of those two, but I'll take your word for it xD

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Nyx @ Unraveling Words

Pooja. S

Ah. I totally forgot about Marmee from Little Women. I agree, she was a great rolemodel for the girls! Following via FB!


Great choices :)


Oh my God, Marmee! She was wonderful! I didn't even think about her. I chose Mrs. Weasley.

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