Monday, May 6, 2013

Claiming Lauren: A Review

From Good Reads: 
**Erotic romance short story, 10,000 words**

One night should have been enough.

Twenty-seven-year-old Lauren Brant is the perfect society wife. She hosts dinners for her husband's colleagues. She attends charity functions. She's entirely appropriate...except for her clawing need to submit to a man she knows only as Master.

Unable to deny her cravings, she arranges to meet Master. No names, no faces, nothing but submission and sensation. Except it isn't enough. Even before the night ends, Lauren needs more.

But "more" isn't part of the arrangement and she returns to her polished life only to discover her estranged husband has come home. After five years of being invisible to Jacob Brant, Lauren doesn't know what to do with him. He, however, knows exactly what to do with her...

Okay I might have gotten a little click happy on Net Galley... But I was auto approved by a publisher and was super duper excited. So when I saw this cover I was overly excited and either didn't read the synopisis or just went click happy and didn't care. This is not the usual book I review. Don't get me wrong I was just as big a fan of Fifty Shades as everyone else... but that doesn't mean I am going to review it where my mother can see it. One of my friends says its my Christian Upbringing that keeps me away from doing things like that... I think its because I want to be able to look my mother in the eye when I see her.

But anyways on to the review:

Like I said before I am just as big a fan of a little S&M fiction as the next gal...but this left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I felt like I was in the middle of this huge story even though I had just started. It was very predictable and even more boring. The steamiest thing about this book is the cover. So I give this one star and next time I will read through the net galley synopsis more vigilantly. 


Trish Hannon

Looks a bit predictable too! Love your honesty with this review :-)

BookishTrish @ Between the Lines

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